We Offer

We realize audio, video and photo productions, TV junkets and press kits.

Audio Production

We edit and set to music in our own studio. In addition we also have a voice-over booth and a codec that allows for radio transmissions in studio quality.

Video Production

We cut and edit video in our own studio, or we also shoot on location. Thanks to the latest digital technology we produce our videos in Full HD or 4K or even in 360° Virtual Reality 4K

TV Junkets

One of our other core competencies is organizing TV junkets. We not only have appropriate technical equipment, but also over 20 years experience in working with celebrities and journalists. For an individual consultation or a quote please contact us at any time.

Press Kits

We specialize in the production of multimedia press kits. Whether sound, video, photo or artwork, we produce, edit or convert audiovisual promotional and marketing materials of any kind. By request we can upload the produced material directly to the industry platform TMDb.pro.